the stories of a los angeles violinist

the beginning

Added on by Jordan Martone.

welcome to thisviolinlife!  a new space where I talk about music, daily life in the big city, and young adulthood.  i am very excited to be starting this new blog journey and to see where it goes.  

i was originally going to start this at the beginning of the 2014 year.  a new year, a new blog?  but, alas, i am too eager and impatient.  plus, this is my favorite time of year and too many good post opportunities are popping up.  oh, the holidays! (and my love for commas?) 

why start a blog? I always saw them as things that pump up egos and are a device for bragging about one's self. until lately. I started following a few blogs that changed my mind. now I see blogs as a creative way to organize memories. aka, an online scrapbook. a lot of things are happening and will be happening in the future that I want to remember. every detail. so, I figured a blog is a great tool for that and if some people find this space and connect with what I have to share, that's a plus too. 

so, by jove, here we go!