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NAMM part II

Added on by Jordan Martone.

sunday was the last day of NAMM and the only day joe and i could go together. after performing on wednesday, i was pretty NAMMed out. but when joe said, "will you go with me?" i went all googoo eyed and said, "anything for you!" because i love that man. 


the anaheim convention center is massive. i get beyond lost inside. and NAMM is a huge deal. joe and i googled a little and discovered that NAMM has been around for over 100 years! holy! so, it is not only a music expo, but a tradition. 


just one of the insane cymbal company displays. for percussionists like joe, NAMM has a lot to offer. for a classical violinist like myself, not so much. but, i was pleasantly surprised to visit the bam case booth and see my limited edition violin case still on display. i also spotted some killer fine tuning pegs and i think, no, i know, i need them. 


the toca booth was kind enough to give a nod to jerry steinholtz at NAMM this year. jerry was like a grandfather to joe. he was also one of the most respected percussionists in the business. he was a pioneer, teacher, and legend, and we were so glad that he was remembered. 

after we ran into a few friends, techies, fellow musicians and mentors, we hopped on a shuttle bus to downtown disney and ate at the naples restaurant. (fun fact: joe's ancestors were from naples.) it was absolute torture to not be visiting disneyland park on what looked like a perfect day. but i was in utter bliss having a mini vacation with my hunky italian. 

If ever you get the chance to NAMM, do. it's spectacular. a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. but for this year, farewell NAMM 2014!