the stories of a los angeles violinist


Added on by Jordan Martone.

i have been dying to try this coffee place for months. ever since joey newman (one of the newman composers) tweeted about it once upon a time, i simply had to seek it out. not only do i love a good specialty coffee but i love finding happy, peaceful, hidden places in LA. this place happened to be great. 

balconi coffee company, located in santa monica off olympic blvd, is where i got the best coffee i've ever had: the almond essence latte. it was remeniscent of the almond spritz cookies my sister always makes a christmas time, so naturally, i loved it. 


i enjoy finding havens in the city that i can escape to in between teaching students and rushing to gigs. according to my violin professor, the pros get into town early in the morning and go out to breakfast at their favorite diner or cafe so that they don't hit traffic when it's time to get to the studios. i love the idea of doing that. 

balconi has made it on my list. i love coffee. can you tell? if you're ever around santa monica, hit it up. and bring coins. because feeding the meter with coins feels like parking for free. (jordan logic)