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i knit

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i got the nickname "grandma" the year i got a starter knitting kit as a gift for christmas one year when i was about 12. I was instantly hooked (heh heh) on the old-fashioned hobby and i soon began knitting scarves for all of my family and friends. scarves were the only thing i knew how to knit, so that's where i coasted for a few years. then i discovered where people post knitting patterns online. then my inner grandma blossomed in to full-on granny as i started to make cowls, slippers, headbands, and hats. 

for some reason, i compartmentalize knitting. like, i forbid myself from knitting in the summer time. mostly because it's so freaking hot outside that nothing i would knit would even actually be worn until fall came around. on the other hand, if i did my knitting during the summer, i would actually have things to be worn in the fall, rather than sitting on a few knitting projects and wishing that knitting wasn't such a long and time-consuming process, all the while have a cold neck... my knitting priorities are out of whack. 


my latest project: a blanket. i've been trying to make a blanket for the past 3 years, to no avail. every time i start, i become unbelievably overwhelmed with what a large task it is that i give up. i'm like that evil villain from the jimmy neutron show that can never finish anything (professor calamitous, i believe.) but if you were knitting non-stop for 3 months, only to realize that you hadn't even finished a third of the blanket yet, you might quit too.  


my adorable little basket of yarn and needles. (i crochet too) it's quite nice to have this little basket next to the couch in this new place. it looks like it's just screaming "look how easily accessible and inviting i am!" 

it's finally starting to feel like fall here in LA. the weather man on the TV keeps telling me there's a chance of drizzles all week and that this marine layer is crazy thick right now, creating low temperatures. i welcome you with open arms, fall! 

here's to fall and finishing knitting projects and having super comf items to wrap ourselves in for the upcoming chilly months.