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no more moving, yeesh

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if i ever say "i like moving" again, shoot me. 

so here's how it went down:

i moved out of the old apartment (in the ghetto. canoga park. a neighborhood where i didn't exact feel safe taking a walk around the block, if ya know what i mean.) and i moved in to the place that joe and i will share in the future. the marriage future. except, he's here all the time and even moved some of his stuff in cuz he's here all the time for work. so, let's be real, it's almost like he's living here. and i am a-ok with having my big, strapping, handsome man around :)

our new apartment is in the warner center, a much nicer area, close to the 101 freeway and close to the topanga mall (the fav). the place is wonderful. it doesn't feel like the typical hotel-style apartments that are so common in this area. it feels like a high-rise loft (which it is. the loft part, not the high rise part.)

and we have a fireplace!

i keep looking at the newly renovated kitchen and thinking "the kitchen stuff on our registry is going to look so good in here." cherry red kitchen-aid mixer, baby. 

 *mind the moving boxes. an ikea trip is much needed. 

*mind the moving boxes. an ikea trip is much needed. 

fun fact: i am currently upstairs in the loft bedroom editing this post while joe has a percussion meeting downstairs with our friend who is arranging for the upcoming danny elfman halloween concert. 

speaking of halloween, i'm opening the opera carmen at the valley performing arts center actually on the 31st. why my university always insists on opening the fall opera on halloween, i'll never know. 

also speaking of halloween, i hate pumpkin flavored things.


i know. i'm a white girl that doesn't like the pumpkin spice latte craze. i don't even like pumpkin pie. but i do like a cute pumpkin as a center piece on my dining room table. (i don't actually have a dining room. what am i saying?) i was at sprouts yesterday and learned that there is such a thing as a cinderella pumpkin. whaaaa? and it's quite cute looking. i want one. 

more on the topic of halloween, i forgot that stella is a halloween person until i arrived at her house for this week's lesson and she jumped out at me dressed as a skeleton, her hands full of fake severed fingers. 

so there's that.

and on this, the most a.d.d. of all the posts, i say farewell and happy weekend to you.