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the best of me

Added on by Jordan Martone.

fun fact: joe loves nicholas sparks movies. 

(he's going to kill me for this)

i, however, am not very fond of them. but when you get called up to work the world premiere of the newest sparks movie, the best of me, you say yes. and joe says hell yes. 

so the two of us together worked the movie screening and after party. 

"hello ma'am, can i help you find your seat?" 

"no, you can't move seats. that's where the cast is sitting."

"lady antebellum is about to start performing if you'd like to head downstairs."

there was the movie screening and red carpet at regal cinemas in downtown, and the after party across the street at club nokia, complete with a VIP section upstairs for the talent and a decked-out stage downstairs where lady antebellum performed. (they did some of the music for the movie.) the guests dined on the most delicious southern food and enjoyed a dimly lit room full of candles and white flowers. gorgeous. this production team knows how to throw a party.

so... james marsden stars in this movie. *gasp* i know! prince edward! corny collins! he's as dashing in person as he is on screen, except he's shorter than i expected... and he rocks a blue suit. now, i don't get star struck. i internalize it. talking to famous people, meeting them, seeing them, it's all the same to me. they're just people like me and you, they're just really popular. right? but joe gets a little giddy around the talent. he was pretty cute. wide eyes, a cheeky grin.

and then lady antebellum performed and we promptly clocked out. country music. *jimmy fallon ew* but they looked great and the premiere was a huge success. 


gah. i swoon for this hunk. i'd choose him over james marsden any day. 

also, i'm trying out this middle part thing. joe confirmed for me that middle part with straight hair is bad and looks too much like greasy-haired kendall jenner. but middle part with curly hair is good, so hey!

and with that, i say "happy weekend" and "may the fall weather be ever in your favor."