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master class

Added on by Jordan Martone.

when you kill it at a master class and the teacher uses your bowing as an example for the whole class to follow and you feel like a million bucks and write a run-on sentence. 


we have these master class things every semester leading up to our juries. ferril calls them master classes but they really should be called studio classes. all the violin students come together and play their jury pieces for each other. there are about 12 students and we each play for 15 minutes each, so you can imagine how long this class can be... this time we started at 6:30pm and finished up at 10pm. surprisingly, this is early for us! we are now so used to these classes, we bring coffee, biscotti, candy, and sometimes pizza. it's a long night of learning and performing, but it's incredibly beneficial for everyone involved. 


i played wienawski legende and perpetual motion by novacek. ferril was proud of my progress, which meant the world to me, and i had helpful feedback so i know what i did well and what to improve on. 

i've come a long way since sophomore year. now i am a graduating senior and this december i will have my last jury ever! 7 juries! almost over! wowza! i'm feeling extremely fortunate to be able to have a great music education at a very inexpensive school with amazing opportunities and connections. and i'm graduating in only 4 years. 

*thanks to ferril and brandon for these photos.

i am ready to get this graduating thing over with. i'm excited to begin my new life with joe. i'm excited to start working for disney. i'm excited for my senior recital. i'm just very eager and ready to take on the world. and with this burst of optimism, happy weekend!