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thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, in all it's non-recognized glory. the holiday of brown food, if you will. the day of gluttony. the celebration of large, tasty birds. the last thing on the checklist before the christmas frenzy begins.

i've always felt terrible for thanksgiving. poor thing never gets the recognition it deserves, and it's a perfectly wonderful holiday! but, alas, it is overshadowed by christmas, the more pretty and popular kid in class. my family has always been a strict, "no christmas until after thanksgiving" family. "one holiday at a time, please." my mom would say. but really, christmas started early for our family. as early as september most years. 

my mom is a children's choir director and private voice/piano teacher. every year, her students perform in a christmastime recital where the students all get together and perform prepared christmas music and then have lots of christmas treats and goodies to munch afterwards. (one of the many downsides to my profession as a traveling music teacher, i hardly have opportunities for my students to perform. a student from beverly hills isn't going to drive to thousand oaks to have a recital with the rest of my students, and then there's the sylmar kids and the northridge kids... you get the picture.) anyways! my mom begins working with her kids on this music in september or october most years, so we slocums are used to hearing holiday music for several months before christmas. my dad was a music director at a church, so his christmas service planning began around the same time as well. christmas has always been a hectic season for the slocums, as it usually is for any musician. 

so, usually i am very loyal to thanksgiving. i give it the time and recognition that it deserves. i stroke thanksgiving and tell it it's pretty, i decorate with pumpkin candles and fall leaves, i stave off the christmas music until it's time. but, this year, it seems like christmas is starting soon for everyone, everywhere. sure, the christmas decorations show up early in the department stores and online, but even rodeo drive has their santa up, flying over wilshire already. people on facebook have already decked their homes out for christmas (to which i say "do you have thanksgiving amongst the holly and the jingle bells?!") i love christmas so much that i can't help but get excited about it a little earlier this year, too. 

and, can you believe it? i don't feel guilty...

i apologize to thanksgiving for being disloyal. it's not you, it's me. i love the gift-giving and the cheerful music, the cold weather and the peppermint coffee creamer, the holiday baking and my students practicing christmas duets. i'm impatient this year, and i'm sorry for not spending enough time on you, thanksgiving. but, you are still very much appreciated. 

that being said, here are these cute iPhone 5s wallpapers i found on pinterest! 

to be nice, i'm holding off on using the adorable wreaths and i'm currently using the icy one (yes, it's from frozen.) i might be just a little (lotta) excited to start working for disney (which doesn't happen for a few more weeks. sheesh!) 

this rambly mess of a post was brought to you by monday morning denial. now i must give in to it's evil ways and go to my 8am american history class (!) and begin this long week.

hope you have a lovely monday!