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i woke up this morning after a rough night's sleep to discover i didn't set my alarm last night. luckily, i awoke straight out of a deep sleep (was i dreaming about missing my alarm?) to find that it was 30 mins before i intended to wake up. i went downstairs, washed my newly cut hair (first haircut in exactly a year. yikes.) and started to funnel coffee into my face in an attempt to be ready for this incredible long day ahead of me. somehow, i got sidetracked by an online anthropolgie dress sale (because how can you not?) and ended up running a little bit late. as i sat down in front of my breakfast, it hit me:

an overwhelming desire to ditch school. 

"i don't really need to go to class, right? the professor doesn't even take role. i can get the notes from the guy who sit next to me... no, i haven't even spoken a word to him. that would be weird, like asking a stranger for a piece of gum. maybe i'll just go in for orchestra. but then parking will suck... oh, i have a violin lesson today! maybe i'll just skip class to practice. but, that would defeat the whole point of not going to class in the first place... fine, i'll just go." 

^ i stared at my egg on toast while thinking through this whole scenario, during which time my breakfast got cold. 


this is how i feel about school lately: 

let. me. out. 

i just had my last advisement appointment two days ago and i register for my very last semester of classes (ever) on monday. i'm planning my senior recital (april 28th, btw.) and deciding whether or not to walk at graduation. (they're changing graduation on us again this year. more tickets but at the soccer field, or less tickets but in front of library? the whole thing makes me not want to participate at all.)

i just want that piece of paper that says that i can play violin.  


if you haven't yet noticed, i'm not an optimist. i'm a realist, pessimistic at times. senioritis has got me down, but i'm looking forward to the holidays, knowing that after thanksgiving there are only 2 more weeks of school left and then i'm on christmas break for a month! hallelujah! 

if you're in that end-of-semester or senioritis-slump too, then i'm sorry. it's a draining place to be. however, it's almost over. thanksgiving is practically here, which means christmas is almost here, which means it's really close to 2015, right? (mindy kalling logic: "it's 9:18 which is really 9:15, which is practically 9, which means i'm actually on time. if anything, i'm early.") 

and 2015 will be so wonderful.