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out of the box: part 1 // lucky strike

Added on by Jordan Martone.

joe came up with this brilliant new idea. (he's wonderful that way.) he wrote date ideas on several strips of paper and put them in a little box. whenever we have a free day with nothing to do, we will pick a piece of paper out of the box and proceed to do the activity that is on it. ideas on the papers could be things like shopping on melrose, visiting the getty, spending the day in downtown, etc. the idea is that we be impulsive and just go for it. 

so, we had a free sunday for once and decided to pick our first paper out of the box:

lucky strike bowling

we had wanted to go there for the longest time. it's right off of hollywood and highland and is right in the center of all the hollywood hubbub. hilariously, we chose this activity on a sunday night when hardly anyone was out and about and hollywood blvd was nearly empty. however, it was a pleasant way to experience this place for the first time, when the bowling alley wan't very busy and we were able to just walk right in. 

 we want these at the wedding. *swoon*

we want these at the wedding. *swoon*

we felt very dated that night. it felt like the beginning of our relationship when we were all twitter-pated and lovey-dovey. it reminded me, in the midst of our crazy hectic lives and ever changing schedules, how important dating is. i love dating joe but sometimes we get too busy to initiate regular dates. "the box" is joe's way of being spontaneous and making dating a priority. he always has the best ideas!



so, after a couple drinks and several gutter balls later (joe won, proving he's secretly good at bowling too, amongst a long list of other odd things.) we had participated in our first out-of-the-box date and had a blast. 

stay tuned for more out-of-the-box dates, as we plan to document them all here.

now, we are traveling up north to good old NorCal, my birthplace, for gibson thanksgiving. it's time for lots of brown food, wine, and coffee headaches. 

happy thanksgiving!