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thisviolinlife is one!


we're a cute, cuddly, drooling baby over here!

i'd like to take this time to give an update on the blog. first of all, the thisviolinlife logo had a little sprucing up. when i first created my logo a year ago, it proved to be quite labor intensive on this particular app that i used. since then, this app has been updated and has become much more efficient and wonderful. it was time for a little update. 


i also wanted to let my readers know about some of the features on this blog.

first of all is "liking". you can like posts without having to login to anything. at all. ever. isn't that glorious?! i know that the one thing that keeps me from liking material on foreign websites is that they make me "connect to facebook" or "link your google account". poo on that. if you like a certain post, please feel free to click the heart to "like" it, purely for the sake of letting me know something was or was not well received. 

second, and along the lines of logging in, i know in the past that my blog has required readers to login to leave comments. that's the worst. i hate it. so, i got rid of it. now you can comment without this nuisance. please comment freely, even anonymously, and let me know what you think. i love hearing from you. 

third, there is a subscription option in the sidebar. simply enter your email address and hit "enter" and you will receive thisviolinlife updates sent straight to your email. you won't miss a thing. however, there is something screwy with the actual function of that darn subscribe button, so you have to press "enter" on your keyboard in order for it to work. (i'm still working out this kink. #thanksobama)

lastly, i want to thank my readers. this blog has been a funny little corner of my life that i've come to absolutely love. i thoroughly enjoy sharing bits of my life here and i'm lucky that it's been well received. funny story: an old friend of mine reached out to me and said that he found my blog and that after reading it for a little while, found that he felt like we had somehow gotten back in touch. how interesting! one of the best compliments to receive is when i find out that a friend or colleague follows my blog and actually enjoys reading it. that blows my mind.

fun fact: if you google, "amanda bynes cousin jordan" or "blond violinist los angeles likes wine" my blog pops up??...

anyways, thanks to all you interwebbers out there for reading along and supporting me. it's been a great first year and i think i'll stick with it.