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thanksgiving in tracy

Added on by Jordan Martone.

three turkeys this year, people.


count em'. three.

every year, we spend thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family up in northern california, specifically tracy. my auntie tha├»s, my mom's oldest sister, hosts all the gibsons and doyles at her home each year. there are roughly 20-30 people and there is always enough food to last for weeks of leftovers. 


this year's cheese plate by auntie B was a showstopper, as always, and included:

ricotta with strawberry and basil

gruyere with carmelized onion jam on raisin & seed toast

mimolette with crimson gold apples

blue cheese with honeyed medjool date compote & prosciutto jerky

and mascarpone with cocoa-espresso cherries on bugie di carnevale 

this cheese plate is the highlight  of thanksgiving every year. it's always different and auntie B always outdoes herself. the flavor combinations are always so unexpected and yet, so satisfying. it takes a mature palette to handle each pairing, but there's always something for everyone on the plate. 


my face says it all. also pictured: baby kenna, mom, cousin alissa who lives for this cheese plate. 

auntie B's quote of the day, "life is good when you can make bird-shaped toast."


our men: joe and ryan. since ryan and alissa moved back up to sacramento from lancaster, we hardly see them. it was so good to spend time with them again. if there's such a thing as "couple soul mates" we've found ours and their name is doyle. 


i am very thankful for my handsome joe. this time last year (read about it here) was his first gibson-doyle thanksgiving, one of many initiations. we were only dating then, but we knew that this wouldn't be his last thanksgiving with this crazy family. he fits right in. and this time next year, we'll be the martones! eep!

we even had our now-traditional food coma picture:


and with that... happy obesity day, ya turkeys.