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i have said it before and i'll say it again:

i hate opera

it's nothing like musical theatre, which i happen to love. opera is so incredibly unpredictable and exhausting. as a first violinist, i played one of the most demanding books in the pit... for 3 hours... i talked to the rehearsal pianist during tech week and she mentioned that, in her 40 years as an opera rehearsal pianist, this was the hardest score she had ever played. carmen is a beast of an opera, which is why the faculty chose it for the first student-performed opera in the VPAC. thankfully, it was incredibly successful and reflected well on the music department.

however, the run of the opera + tech week just killed me. i still have not recovered, therefore this week has been rough on me. not to mention that this week is much busier than usual. sleep is an endangered animal over here and i'm jumping on the conservation train.  


as for my halloween, carmen's opening night was on the 31st, so i didn't have much of a halloween. ha! but joe and i did manage to carve hitchcock into a pumpkin, eat lots of kit-kats, and have a couple drinks while watching the tonight show. it wasn't much but it was all i could handle after a week of 4hr late night opera rehearsals. 


the whyman project dived deep into rehearsals this week. we have a sub stepping in for mary, our busy first violinist, so we have been rehearsing like crazy to get ready for our next show. the rehearsals are long and late and while they are very productive, i've been hit by the exhaustion truck. 

this is how i keep myself awake and aware during rehearsals ^  


brandon took this one, saying we're cute even when we're blurry :) 


since i've been so crazy busy with teaching, school, and extra rehearsals this week, i've been trying to find time for myself. i had a breakdown at the beginning of this week from sheer exhaustion and stress. and then i thought to myself, "this isn't worth it. i shouldn't be running myself ragged. this is my job, but it's also what i love to do. why am i stressing out about it?" so i took this picture and took a step back. i live in a wonderful new home with a beautiful view and i have a great life. you're doing okay, kid. 


and at the conclusion of this "around here" blog post, i have some extremely exciting news to share!

this blog is about to become a whole lot more magical, since it's writer is now a disneyland cast member!

story time:

my mom (an avid disney fan, like the rest of the slocum clan) found an ad on the disney auditions FB page for a violinist who could sing back up vocals and knew a little bit about scandinavian folk music. and me, being a norwegian violinist who can sing, thought, "that's funny. it sounds like this ad is describing me! i'll go audition just for the heck of it." so i did, and i got a callback. then i went to the callback and a week later, got a call and was offered the job! eeeeeep!

i can't explain the details of the job yet, as it is confidential and the disney gods are watching (they're everywhere) ha! but i can say that i will be a violinist/singer in a new show coming to disney's california adventure resort. starting in december and running until summer 2015 (possibly longer), i will be an entertainer in the parks. what?! 

my sister has wanted to work in the parks since she was a little girl, so she is a little pissed that i'll be working for disney first. i never thought i would be a cast member or work for the mouse, so this is a pleasant surprise. i am extremely excited to perform more and get myself out there for the world to see, i'm excited to embrace my roots and be a scandinavian fiddler, and i'm also excited to have a great paying job as i am paying for a wedding and starting a new life with joe.

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and overdoses on all the halloween candy!