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Added on by Jordan Martone.

finals are over! school is over! cristmas is here! 

a nap has never felt so deserved.  


this semester was both the longest and the shortest. i felt overwhelmed with the amount of work that this semester threw at me, but i got through it and now it's over. i had a great last jury and now i just have to focus on my senior recital (april 28th btw...) 

this christmas, joe and i will be flip-flopping between his family and my family. the martone holiday party, slocum german christmas candy-making, etc. i'm excited to be blending our holiday between both families.

and this year, i went above and beyond my usual gifting for my students. i bought adorable woodland critter ornaments for my girl students and christmas candies for the boys. (the candy-pooping reindeer keychain was a huge hit with the 7-year old. and the 11-year old loved the giant hot chocolate-flavored candy cane.) 

i absolutely love giving gifts at christmas. there's nothing like gift giving to get you in the christmas spirit! i love to take the time to pick out gifts, thoughtfully wrap them, make homemade cards, and see their reactions upon opening them.  

since this week is the last week of teaching before christmas, my students have been playing christmas duets and solos the entire month of december, culminating in a mini performance for their family members at their last lessons this week. students love playing familiar music and i allow them to choose their own christmas song to play, so they hopefully get into the spirit even more.

i hope your finals went well and that your christmas spirit-o-meter is rising. take a christmas nap, give some gifts, bake some cookies, and have a happy season!