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our christmas

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i'm finally coming out of the christmas haze to blog about my holiday with joe.

 christmas morning puffy-eyes

christmas morning puffy-eyes

our christmas went like this:

christmas eve was spent with joe's family. we went to christmas eve mass (highly recommended for the traditionally christmassy feelings) and then to the annual martone christmas party. we spent christmas morning with the martones as well, before jetting off to the slocums for the late morning and remainder of christmas day. 

we kept saying "how lucky are we that our parents only live an hour and a half away from each other and that we can spend christmas with both families." not many couples can do that. we feel blessed.  


i'm pretty convinced that joe's favorite part about visiting my family is bailey. and she loves him back, so the relationship is flourishing. joe and i got her a few new toys for christmas, including a chewbacca plushie. she loves it and joe won some points with my family.

funny story: joe's mom and my mom both accidentally got us magic bullets for christmas... ha! so we exchanged the one from my mom for our complete set of calphalon pots and pans and the most high-tech toaster on the planet. our moms helped us make a big dent in our registry and i'm so thankful.


for christmas, joe got me a complete watercolor set: artist pens, pencils, calligraphy pens, paintbrushes, two watercolor pads, and a portable easel. sometimes in life, you find a man who loves you and supports you in everything you do, and he buys you watercolor supplies and violin bows and encourages you to never give up. and you smooch him and exclaim, "wife me yo!" 


"and it was half way through this painting that she realized... flowers are not her thing... but she's also not a quitter."

my first large-scale watercolor painting helped me realize that i am not destined to paint flowers and animals like my favorite watercolor artist, oana befort. stay tuned to see what i land on? 

thank you joe, for encouraging my interests. thank you moms, for decking out our kitchen. thank you christmas, for being the best one yet.