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on the last day of 2014, it hit me all at once. i've had a great year:

i turned 21

i got engaged 

made some major strides in my personal violin abilities

flew to pennsylvania with the martones 

visited NYC for the first time to see my sister star in an off-broadway musical

left an old job and started a few new ones (oy)

played a 1.5 million dollar violin

channelled my inner watercolor artist

decorated my first real christmas tree with joe


my 2013 end-of-year post was not as positive as this one is. (you can read it here.) i posted a photo that said "2014 will be better" and you know what? i'm not into that whole "say-it-into-existence thing, but 2014 was definitely better. this year brought many crazy surprises and opportunities, and it changed me as an individual, for the best. i am so inspired about my future and i've never been more ready to take on any obstacles that may come my way. the future is looking bright for both joe and i, and i cannot wait to start it as mrs. martone. 

thank you, 2014, for being better. i love ya. i hope your friend 2015 is just as nice.