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what do i know about fashion? // 001

Added on by Jordan Martone.

i thought i'd share a little from my closet.  one of my most favorite bloggers (a big inspiration for my blog) hey natalie jean, recently posted about jazzing up a minimalist wardrobe and i freaked out about it!  my wardrobe has lately become quite minimalist, consisting of a few basics in neutral colors, hoping i look like a grown-up, and heading off to class or work. 

now, what do i really know about fashion? very little. this is just what works for me. 

at the start of the new year, i decided it was time for me to class up my wardrobe. too often i am mistaken for one of my middle school students. (curse of being petite?) and the audio engineer on a session i played on in the past year legitimately thought i was 16-years old. boo. i'm a 20-year old college student, professional violinist and teacher, and i want the world to know it! *takes a deep breath*

so, in an effort to create a sophisticated wardrobe that is still comfortable and functional, i have created a fool-proof formula:

leggings + tank top + blazer/sweater + booties + occasional scarf = success.


blazers are wonderful.  they make everyone look instantly more professional and grown up.  i've noticed that my students treat me with a little more respect than usual when i wear one. 

i invested in some high-quality leggings.  the kind that doesn't stretch out after one use and doesn't reveal a little skin color through the thin material when you bend over. (you know what i'm talking about.) and i bought a few tanks that are the perfect blend of comfortable and stretch, in several different colors and neutrals. 

i also bought some big girl shoes. woo! my sam edelman booties are a good casual, yet sophisticated shoe that classes up my outfit. when i'm feeling especially fancy, i wear my steve madden panelope high-heel booties. 

this outfit formula has become my go-to on a daily basis. ever running late? outfit formula. your jeans are all dirty? outfit formula. the weather is unpredictable? outfit formula. the date for your recording session was changed last minute? yup. outfit formula.