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i'm beginning an exciting new chapter in my book as a music educator. i have been asked to assist a good friend and role model of mine in her elementary string program. she is someone i look up to. she also has the most successful elementary string program in the district, so i am proud to be a part of it.

my new boss is, in joe's words, my older self. she's a freelance violinist and string teacher who's married to a percussionist. and both she and her husband met while attending csun. freaky. and awesome. she is very inspirationial to me. she is proof that it can be done, having a recording career, a studio of students, and a family.  

i snapped a few pictures of the calm before the storm on my first day of work. two classes back to back. something around 20-30 kids in each class. in my boss's words, "it's a flurry!"  




i have a soft spot for kids learning a musical instrument through the school system. i started as the 7-year old violinist who joined the class cuz i thought violin was pretty (and there was a cute boy). i stared at these same music posters on the walls. i wasn't the best, i struggled.

then one day it clicked for me. i decided that i loved playing music even if i wasn't the best. it made me happy and i knew, even then, that i wanted to make people feel as good about music as i do, for the rest of my life.