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what do i know about fashion? // 002

Added on by Jordan Martone.

my dear friend and cousin-in-law (if that's a thing) alissa, turned me on to everlane: a modern basics clothing company. i checked them out and was surprised to get such a good first impression. their products are all beautifully created and well designed.  this company believes in a less-is-more motto and i couldn't agree with them more.  they are setting the new standard for minimal and affordable, luxury basics. 

i ordered two v-neck tees to get started and after a miss-communication on my part (when will i learn to include my apartment number in the order details?!) they arrived and i whooped and hollered with excitement. 

this packaging!


these tees are so comfy and effortless. and they fit into my outfit formula (found here) perfectly. bonus! 

click the link here to take a look at their collection and see for yourself.  if you end up purchasing something through this link, i get credits. yay! also, if you buy two or more items, shipping is free. even better! 

p.s. alissa's pretty blog can be found here. give her a gander.