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the whyman project

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 wowza, right? 

so, i play in a string quartet called the whyman project. we are an ensemble of two violins, a viola, a cello and a pianist. our pianist is ryan whyman, the pianist and composer extraordinaire. he writes some of the craziest music i've played and heard. he's going big places and our whole quintet knows it, which is why we named our group after him.  

we've been together for a little over two years now and every so often, we play concerts. so far it's been noon recitals at csun or gigs at coffee shops, but this time we played at pasadena presbyterian in their "music at noon" series. this church has one of the most excellent music programs, directed by my musicianship professor and renowned organist. it was an enormous pleasure to be asked to play here. 

we did so well, we were asked back again! go team! 





we added a drummer and bassist for a couple jazzy tunes this time and this group ended up being a hoot. ryan's arrangements of "somebody i used to know" and "super mario bros." are always well received, as well as our more classical piece "perserverance" that is just gorgeous. 

by the way, teri & yaki on lake ave, yummy and hilariously named. good post-concert food. 

happy weekend!