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practice room selfies

Added on by Jordan Martone.

today while i took a break from practicing, i thought i'd try my hand at selfies. 

and boy, these practice rooms are dull.  

i'm not really a selfie type of person. i decided that it takes a certain level of ego (not necessarily bad ego) that i don't seem to possess. and i feel like they throw it back to the myspace days where people feel obligated to go "oh, you're so cute!". people are always looking for affirmation and a healthy self esteem but i firmly believe that if you find it in your heart to be your own best compliment, then you will be happiest. 

that's also my approach to this blog. i don't get many comments or views on this thing, granted it's still a newbie, but i'm doing this for me. so, my opinion is ultimately the one that means the most. 


so, i post these selfies today as a confident young woman who is resting her tired arms and is having a good hair day for once. hey! 


p.s. my first duck face