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beauty is a talent

Added on by Jordan Martone.

during my lesson this week, my violin professor and i had a heart to heart. usually he says anywhere from 1-3 things per lesson that blow my mind. he's like a fortune cookie that way. but this week's tidbit hit me like a ton of bricks:

beauty is a talent

now, whenever i encounter a so-called "profound" quote, i say to myself 1. is it true? 2. is it necessary? this one was both. 

my professor continued to explain this statement. he told me beauty is a talent because it's something you're born with. yes. bare with me. beauty is a talent just like a music talent, an athletic talent, an intellectual talent. and it's lucky.  

i was cautioned by my professor that people in our industry rely solely on their talented beauty to get higher up the ladder and that, even though beauty is highly valued in our society, it's empty. we need to be equally talented in our abilities and personalities to acheive our dreams.   

this got me thinking so much that i decided to use it in my first hand-drawn lettering sketch. lettering is something i've had my eye on for quite some time and i have been particularly passionate lately in diving into this art form. keep your eye out for more lettering by me this summer!