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slocum easter

Added on by Jordan Martone.

happy easter! i hope yours was lovely, full of good food and relaxation. 

i had a crazy weekend full of gigs and driving. get this: i drove to my parent's house friday, taught saturday morning, had a gig in northridge saturday evening, drove back up to my parent's saturday night, and played 3 easter services sunday morning. i'm exhausted and my gas tank hurts. however, this was one of the best easters i can remember. 

we colored eggs, made and devoured empty tombs (crescent rolls with marshmallow inside to symbolize jesus. delicious.), and took lots of pictures.  


the siblings. so much for being the big sister. even kenna is taller than me. 5 years age difference didn't mean anything to her tall genes. and carter just towers over me. i think we make a cute trio.


the girls. we're like a bad joke. "a blonde, a brunette, and a red head walk into a bar…" 

the guys. mom said, "look at each other and smile." and dad said, "this is so cheesy, no way!" carter laughed and the shot was taken. turned out pretty good.  

and can i just say, how did both mom and dad get a mini-me? carter is exactly like dad, kenna is exactly like mom. and i'm the mix kid. mom's body with dad's coloring, mom's voice with dad's piano fingers, mom's mouth with dad's teeth. i'm a contradiction! 

anyways, joe and i had to spend easter apart due to our individual easter gigs. our lives are funny that way. we sent each other pictures easter sunday. his were with the band at this presbyterian church and mine were of our colorful stage at my dad's christian church. "happy easter! love you! there's bagels at my church!" 

so, we slocums spent the remainder of our day eating and watching home videos of me being the most obnoxious 4-year old (seriously, i was suffering from a lack of attention from people due to the newborn baby brother.), carter's ewectwic twain, and kenna singing half of the abcd's song. we laughed so hard we cried and i left home with my heart aching for childhood that night. 

and now, to heal my aching heart, easter candy.