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oh, audrey

Added on by Jordan Martone.

it's no secret that i love audrey hepburn.

today, i sat down at my vintage writing desk which is terribly cute but not so stable and i somehow managed to knock all of my books off the top of the desk and all over the floor. weird. 

as i was cleaning up my clumsy mistake, i realized how many audrey books i have. 

now, i don't like reading. another jordan fun fact. i'm too impatient to sit down and read a novel. i could be doing so many other things. and i prefer movies. (however, i am actually a firm believer in reading books before the movies, which i have done with harry potter, a series of unfortunate events, hunger games, etc.) hypocritcal, much?

what i'm getting at is that i thought it was surprising that i have actually read several books on audrey and own a few. so here is my collection: 


just being audrey by margaret cardillo: a children's book about audrey! brilliant and beautiful with the most vibrant and creative illustrations. if you're smiling while reading this, it's because you know i'll be reading this to my future babies. 


so audrey- 59 ways to put a little hepburn in your step by cindy de la hoz: this one is a funny coffee-table book that joe gave me for christmas. he knows how to make me smile, that one. 


i freaked out last year when vanity fair's may issue was a tribute to audrey! (may is my birthday month. it's a sign!) my mom picked this up for me, knowing i would have big ole heart eyes. audrey loved italy. i love an italian. (another sign! ha! just kidding.)


life magazine's illustrated biography- remebering audrey 20 years later: my grandparents picked this one up on one of their various world travelling adventures. this magazine is full of audrey pictures by bob willoughby, a personal family friend of audrey's and eventually the only photographer she would work with in her career and personal life. he boosted her career and she helped his. a beautiful story. 


audrey hepburn- an elegant spirit by sean hepburn ferrer: you can't get more accurate than from the mouth of her own son. sean tells his stories about his mother and her real life story. i read the whole thing. joe took me to a funny bookstore in burbank last summer called movie world and we found this gem that turned out to be my most favorite book of all. 

audrey is so wonderful in my mind. of course, i'll never personally know her and my mind has probably romanticized her, but i love what she stood for. she cared about love, living a well balanced life, being elegant at all times, and helping others. what a beautiful way to spend a life. what an extroardinary lady.