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the best jury ever

Added on by Jordan Martone.


as string performance majors, we have to perform 12 minutes of prepared music memorized and perfect for the string faculty and we are graded on how well we perform and play. 

it's the epitome of stress for me.

i've  never been very good at performing solo. i have always been better at playing in an orchestra or small ensemble. it's some sort of psychological thing.  

but, for the first time, i felt none of these nervous feelings and had the best jury i have ever played! i realized that the more prepared i am, the less nervous i am. this semester, i had my pieces memorized and perfected approximately two weeks before the jury and i think that was the key to success. this was the first jury that i have received all A's on for each song and from each judge.

happiness is abounding over here! 

here are a couple pictures from our master classes leading up the jury:


my dear friend brandon took this one for me. i'm playing mozart's violin concerto no.5 and bach's sonata no.1 here. 


this is brandon. i had to return the favor. he is one of the most inspirational violinists at csun. i am constantly learning new things from him every day. i am lucky to have him for a friend.

plus, look at that organ! 


i stole this picture from our violin professor. this is all of the violin performance majors and the string faculty/our judges after our jury. 

epiphany: i am the worst kind of student. the talented kind (bare with me). the talented students are the worst kind because they don't have to work very hard in order to get good results. then, when things get hard and the bar is raised, the talented ones fall behind. this semester was all about me finally realizing what hard work means to me. i finally had to step out of my practice comfort zone and decide that my hopes and dreams were worth the early mornings and sore fingers. 

it's like my professor always tells me: "invest in your talent now to secure your future later."