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hollywood forever

Added on by Jordan Martone.

it's summer in los angeles! and that means enjoying all the wonderful LA days that joe and i can find. for our first LA day of summer 2014, our buddy ryan invited us to an outdoor screening of the movie "jaws" at the hollywood forever cemetery. 

first of all, how awesome does that sound?! jaws in a cemetery. awesomely eerie.  

we packed a bag of snacks (doritos and oreos. we know where it's at.) and met up with ryan and his group of friends. we picnicked and chatted and enjoyed the hilarity that is jaws (am i the only one who finds it funny? dumb people still swimming in the ocean after several attacks from mechanical sharks.) 

and hearing hundreds of angelinos cheer after the delivery of the line, "you're gonna need a bigger boat." was priceless. 


here you can see the old rusty buildings that are the backlots of paramount studios. so much history. joe and i were totally geeking out. 


speaking of history. check this out! ^ 


hollywood hunk. 


our view of the paramount water tower from the cemetery.


this is definitely my new favorite warm summer night activity. i would highly recommend it. the tickets were cheap and the location is so old hollywood. we saw mel blanc's headstone (bugs bunny) and i can't imagine how many other hollywood legends are buried there. and now i want to invest in a quality picnic basket. oy! 

i love our city. joe told me "you know, your love for LA makes me love LA even more." i just have so much respect for the history here. musicians, actors, and executives that i admire have left pieces of themselves behind that i love to uncover. 

happy LA summer.