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so i saw this video on tumblr the other day that was just so beautiful and inspiring that i marched myself down to michaels and purchased calligraphy tools and sat down at my writing desk and started going at it. i have always been fascinated by calligraphy, hand lettering, etc, but never got around to getting started on it. so, within my first few hours of calligraphy ever, here's what i came up with:


my mom is an excellent artist. she sketches, paints, and has the most beautiful hand writing, so i had had a couple beginner's art classes from her when i was little. "here's how to shade" and "people's eyes are in the middle of their heads, not at the top of them." things like that. 

little did i know, this would be very helpful later in life. 

i use art (mostly painting and lettering) to get my mind off of life. when i'm taking myself too seriously, i like to sit down and work with something as predictable as paint and a canvas, or a pen and paper.  it's like that quote from one of my most favorite movies, julie and julia:

"i love that after a day when nothing is sure...
you can come home and absolutely know that
if you add egg yolks to chocolate and sugar and milk,
it will get thick.
it's such a comfort."
- julie powell

well julie, i feel the same, just about art. though a chocolate cream pie sounds real good right now...  

i have a long way to go and a lot of improvement to make, but i'm enjoying making beautiful things. and one thing's for sure, my christmas cards are going to look pretty damn fine this year.