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almost summer madness

Added on by Jordan Martone.

these past two weeks have been seriously weird. everything just feels off-kilter. school is over but it's not, because the school that i teach at is still in session. summer is here but it's not, for the same reason. i moved in to a new apartment, so now my concept of home is a little skewed. ya know, adjusting to a different season of life.

so this is an update on the almost-summer-madness


the whyman project finished recording the demos and music videos for our website and hopefully a cd we can sell at our shows. it was several weeks of intense rehearsals and two long days of recording. 

ryan's face below adequately depicts the emotions we all felt: happy that it was a success, but relieved that it was over. 

p.s. you can follow our instagram, twitter, and like us on facebook :)


flower petal clean up. less fun than it sounds. but this picture makes me look like some sort of star wars character that walks on it's hands. it made me laugh. 


then i found this pencil in one of the csun jazz rooms. the black warrior now corrects all my mistakes in style. 


alissa and i had been trying to get together for girl time in the midst of all the whymaniac craziness and she was able to come visit me in northridge on memorial day. naturally, we went for thai food and boba (i filled out my boba punch card so my next one is free! hallelujah!). then i said "we should walk around campus" and, would ya know it, she was thinking the same thing?!

i will forever kick myself for not enjoying this hidden gem more in my past three years at csun. i rode my bike past it once during my freshman year and then promptly forgot that it ever existed. there is a gorgeous pond just past the orange grove that is home to the most beautiful family of ducks and the largest group of turtles i've ever seen! and if you've read this post, you know where this is going. 


'lissa in her natural habitat.

would you believe that all those little heads popping out of the water are turtles?! once they sensed that someone was feeding the animals nearby, they came in hoards to get some noms. it was spooky looking across the pond and seeing loads of little turtle heads swimming towards you. 

so much cute. 

this has been an update from limbo-town. as much as i love teaching my little ones, they need to be done with school soon so i can save gas money and have a vacation. poor joe is feeling the same way. vacation is a healthy thing and i am ready for it. 

hope your summers are alive and well wherever you are.