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Added on by Jordan Martone.

if there was a brag list of the usa's most patriotic americans, i would not be on it. i am just not very in to the 4th of july and red and white and blue gets a little obnoxious after a while. (sorry) however, my fiancee's family is super patriotic. the kind of family that hangs american flags anywhere they can. from the car windows, on the front lawn, on the roof, in the table centerpieces, etc. they go all out.

this was my second 4th of july with the martones. it consists of a trip to the latest exhibit at the reagan library (last year was abraham lincoln, this year was american baseball. very cute.) and then there are copious amount of meat on the grill and joe's mom makes margaritas... nom. 

this year, our very dear friend amanda came to join martone 4th of july. amanda is australian so it was quite funny introducing her to the "america day" traditions we are so fond of: grilling and being lazy. 



we watched the independence day celebration on a screen outside while sitting around the fire pit roasting marshmallows and making smores and eating way too much food. and frankie valli closing the broadcast was pretty grand. we also did very modest backyard fireworks that really just exist to give you a little heart attack as you pray that the palm trees don't catch on fire. right? 

i loved spending quality time with the martones and friends. any excuse for grilling martone ribs is alright by me!

so, happy 'murica day ya spangly people.