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end of summer

Added on by Jordan Martone.

i've reached that point of summer where i stupidly think to myself "i'm ready to go back to school now." and then i realize no i'm not. i'm not ready for the early mornings and hectic schedules and classes i don't care about. (no one knows why a music major has to take a biology lab. it's a complete mystery.) 

however, i am ready for more violin, playing in orchestra, seeing my violin professor again and getting a good challenge out of my very last year of college. 

yes, i am a senior once again.  

i am entering my very last year of school ever and i couldn't be more ready to be a college graduate. and, long story short, i am travelling to the big apple, NYC (eep!) for a week and when i get back i jump right in to the first week of classes.  

this next year will be crazy. i have a senior recital to perform, i'm graduating college and i'm getting freaking married. it'll be a wild ride but so much good will come out of 2015.   

and since i will be busy getting my new york on for the next 8 days (i had very little time to blog about pennsylvania while i was in pennsylvania, so i am assuming new york will go the same way.) i end this post with a humerous video featuring joe and i as a shout out to baby kenna all the way from LA to NY. i'm on my way!

*disclaimer: notice how i thought i knew the words and abruptly realize that i have no clue. and please apprectiate joe's back-up vocal lip syncing, because i do.