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we recently got our engagement photos back, so i thought i'd share a few here. we are very lucky to have a wonderful built-in photographer in my family, my cousin ryan doyle. he took my high school senior pictures and head shots many years ago, and he recently took my brother's as well. i'm always impressed with his work, which never seems over-edited or unnatural. the thing i love most about working with ryan is that he never "poses" too much and he lets the photos speak for themselves. he likes to compliment how you naturally are as an individual or a couple. visit his beautiful website and work here. 

 my personal favorite

my personal favorite

apparently i am an excessive blinker while being photographed. it pissed ryan off... heh heh. it was great that we had our pictures taken in downtown LA because we got to show ryan and his wife alissa all around, since they had never been there. we went to the bradbury building, got ice cream at grand market, and went to grand park to cool off our feet off in the water fountain before heading across the street to the garden at the walt disney concert hall. 

the walt disney concert hall is not only a beautiful place, but a very significant one to us as a couple. we had one of our very first dates at the garden and we love to visit it any chance we get to have an LA day. not to mention that joe proposed here. 

save the dates have been designed, guest list is being narrowed down, dress shopping appointment is made, bridal party on board. let's do this wedding planning thing!