the stories of a los angeles violinist


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i've worked at tapp's music store for the past 3 years. right after i graduated high school, i walked into the store and got a job as a violin teacher. i was lucky that mr. tapp took a chance one me. i had over 20 different students during my time there. some stayed for only a few lessons and some had been with me for a couple of years. 

the only downside to working there was that it's in lancaster, where i grew up, which is over an hour away from where i currently live in LA. so, every saturday morning, i drove up to lancaster, taught for 3-5 hours, then drove all the way back to LA. it was exhausting to say the least. but i loved my students. they all worked very hard and we had grown very attached to each other.




this summer, i was offered a position as an orchestra assistant with the csun youth orchestra. (technically its a student-administrative position.)  i will be working for one of the most amazing teachers i know, who is also a big role model for me as a violinist and a young woman. she is the ultimate teacher, violinist, mom, etc. and i am elated to have the opportunity to study under her. 

unfortunately, i had to leave tapp's in order to take this new job. this past weekend was my last day at the store. saying goodbye to all my kids was difficult, and tears were shed. but i'm leaving them in the capable hands of a new teacher, which makes all of us feel better. 

so, i say goodbye to this chapter of my life. it's time to turn the page and start the next chapter, including a new job, a new me, and a new life with joe.