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stella says

Added on by Jordan Martone.

i have this student named stella.

she's a ball of sunshine.  

stella says the darndest things.  

i've been making a list lately of all the crazy stuff that comes out of her mouth. here we go: 


while quizzing her on the music flashcard for b-flat:  what's the name of this note?  "uhhh... b?"  yes, but b-what?  "b... beethoben!" 

"how do you say that word?" tambourine. "tangerine, got it."  

"i like your hair long. the short hair was bad for you." 

"i want to go to the zoo with you." 

who is the lady in this picture? "auntie jen... we're not supposed to talk about her cuz people get a little weird. but she just got a brand new house and she was crying about how pretty it is!"

on having a play date with will ferrell's kids: "they're a little crazy. like, they have a huge house but there's stuff everywhere. they're messy."

"you know that witch with the black hair in hocus pocus? she's my friend."

after i told her i was engaged: "that ring's not real!" *tries to put my ring her mouth as i shriek what are you doing?!* "oh, i thought it was rock candy."

did you just fart? "yes, while i was sitting in your lap."  

while goofing off, stella accidentally whacked herself in the crotch with her violin and said, "ooof! just hit myself in the vajooge!" what did you say?! "vajooge. what do you call it?"


the best of stella, ladies and gents.