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flash mob

Added on by Jordan Martone.

joe was a part of a really big project this week at universal city walk. joe and our friend max put together an orchestral flash mob on the outdoor stage for hundreds of people. this project has been nearly a year in the making. i cannot tell you how many breakfast/lunch dates joe and max went on, creating, brainstorming, fundraising, etc. this project was max's baby and it went off more beautifully than we had expected.


the flash mob started with a single cello playing the jaws theme (ya know, minor seconds and all that jazz), followed by a bassist, and then the whole orchestra popped out of the wood works and joined in the growing tension of the theme. they played a medley of universal movie music which included: jaws, back to the future, cat in the hat, to kill a mockingbird, cinderella man, charade, jurassic park, and we're back

max is a consultant for the american youth symphony, so he was able to hire them to play this event. when you get AYS to play something, it always goes well. they are one of the best pre-professional training orchestras in los angeles and they always have the best players. for this particular event, however, they partnered with the music students of hamilton high school to make this an educational experience. joe also got to bring two of his percussion students from thousand oaks high school. seeing joe being "big brother" to those boys was really cute. he loves sharing the excitement of movie music and great opportunities with the next generation of musicians. 


^ my man on the big screen in his red AYS shirt. this was during the charade portion of the show where he was playing the wood block part (an awesome part). since charade is one of our favorites, i had to snap a picture even if my camera was crummy... heh heh.


the moment that made all the stress and hard work worth it for joe: cinderella man. 

joe's new timpani that he used for the flash mob were purchased from the guy who played them on the original cinderella man sound track. so he had to bring it full circle and play them on the cinderella man part of the suite. it honestly gave me chills knowing that joe owns the timps that made a small piece of film music history. 

and thomas newman music... gah... instant tears!


this flash mob went off incredibly well and was not only an astounding achievement for max (and joe) but it absolutely enriched the community. max is, and has always been, a game changer. his fresh ideas make an amazing impact on the music world and i cannot wait to see where he goes from here. 

congrats to max, joe, and the AYS on a successful orchestral flash mob!