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goodbye winter break

Added on by Jordan Martone.

alas, i am being forced to leave the island known as winter break. it's a wonderful place where you have no worries or cares and everything is christmas and cold weather and movies and popcorn. i've left and can no longer paddle back to shore. i'm incredibly sad. so sad, in fact, that i am in denial and have waited until the very last minute to buy my parking permit and order school books. procrastination is my middle name. 

so, here's an "around here lately post" about my last week of freedom until may.  


my baby brother turned 19 and i realized he's not really a baby anymore... this is me serving him martinelli's and nearly spilling it because he said something sarcastic, i'm sure. 


stella turned 9. that balloon bouquet is larger than my car. it's from auntie jen. auntie jen couldn't make it to her party so she sent these balloons. how thoughtful of auntie jen. auntie jen is the best. one of these days, auntie jen...


my ex-favorite cousin got married! (evan and i used to be incredibly close when we were growing up. we did everything together. then he started dating girls and never hung out with me anymore. i'm still resentful, obviously.) they got married in a gorgeous vineyard in a ceremony that people dream of. i was a big ball of emotions the whole evening. i love evan and his new wife hailey and i'm incredibly happy for them.


i love this man. (thanks, ryan!) 

and now you're updated. my last semester ever starts this week, so expect more school related mumbo jumbo. i finally got into my waitlisted class that i needed (hallelujah) and i'm ready to take on my last semester ever.