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i'm here in jazz history class and the professor is discussing whether or not the maple leaf rag is in ABA form or not. this is something i learned when i was 11...

so, i thought i'd blog! this is really the best use of my time in this classroom, right? 

lately, in my spare time, i've been creating art to put up in my home. it's usually joe saying "hey, i like this piece of art but i don't want to pay $174629 for it, so can you make one?" and then aaron brothers was having a frame sale on frames that were just the right size for the medium i work with... and this is what happened.  


this one is a map of the los angeles metro system. i love finding new ways to add hints of the city into my daily life. i soon want to add an NYC map too, as well as another major city (london?) to fill out this wall above my bed. 


this unfinished little guy is my attempt at working watercolors into my life in a more "me" way. he's coming along nicely. 

i've also been working on several commissioned pieces for various friends who like my work. (yay!) i'm getting more and more serious about setting up an online store and doing this in a more legitimate way soon. however, i will probably wait until after graduation and the wedding and all (cuz yeesh). 

painting is such a wonderful release for me. i love the attention to detail and all the creativity. my true monica gellar comes out. (i don't need to take that "which friends character are you?" quiz. we all know i'm monica, my sister is phoebe and mom is rachel, very distinctly.) 

and now, i will slink back in to my class where we are now discussing how "love is like a faucet, it turns off and on." ... oh brother.