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big bang

Added on by Jordan Martone.

so, my fiancé is a pretty wonderful person. he's a wonderful person who knows wonderful people. those wonderful people are wonderful to us and get us VIP tickets to see a live taping of the big bang theory


joe decided to use these as a belated birthday gift to my brother (who is quite the fan of this show. don't tell him he looks like sheldon cooper. he hates it.) and we were able to bring my sister along too. 

we all piled in to my little car and drove to warner brothers, which was so very hollywood of us. the taping itself was about 3 hours and we had prime seats in the front (thank you, steve!). the episode we saw was their 177th... wowza! they are in the midst of their 8th season and apparently loving every bit of it. the cast came and spoke to us briefly about how much they love their jobs and love having the opportunity to make america laugh. 

after much discussion and deliberation, we came to the conclusion that leonard is not as short as we thought, walowitz is a very tiny little man, penny has a great butt, raj loves having an audience, and sheldon is wonderful. seriously. i'd love to take jim parsons to lunch and pick his brain. 

we all feel very lucky that we live in LA and are able to have opportunities like this. people in the audience of our taping travelled all the way from peru, china, the philippines, norway, russia, etc. to have that los angeles experience and see this show. i live down the street. perspective is a funny thing. 

happy birthday to my geeky computer science brother and thank you, joe for making this happen.