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weekly thanks // 002

Added on by Jordan Martone.

9th: i'm thankful for the christmas section at target. it is positively glowing with happiness and holiday spirit and i could spend all day there.  

10th: i'm thankful for my new planner that is helping me get organized.  

11th: i'm thankful for potatoes, man! potatoes are so good and underrated and cheap to buy and now I understand why norwegians cook with potatoes so much. they rock.  

12th: i'm thankful for getting packages in the mail. it's just a little extra cheerfulness at the end of a long day of work. 

13th: i'm thankful for the look on a deserving student's face when you get to present her with a new violin.  

14th: i'm thankful for getting to watch my husband work. i love the opportunity to watch him do what he's best at.  

15th: i'm thankful for a day to stay home and binge-watch old bond movies. even if roger moore can't hold a candle to sean connery.