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LA traffic soundtrack

Added on by Jordan Martone.

lately, i've noticed how much i hate LA driving. this is not new news to anyone who knows what driving in LA is like, but it's new for me. i used to love driving in LA, even in terrible traffic, even on the worst days. i couldn't remember why the heck i used to be so happy driving up the 405 at rush hour, so i started to think about what changed between now and then. i realized, after much mid-traffic soul searching, that about 2 years ago (when i started hating driving) was when my car's sound system broke. 


i have distinct memories of being stuck on highland avenue on my way to a student's house, blaring a playlist joe made me when we had just started dating. it was full of exciting soundtrack music, joe's favorite themes and must-have albums. it made the long drives and obnoxious LA drivers much more bearable. 

now, i drive an old car. it's as old as my sister. it has a very standard car stereo and the only way i can play music through the stereo from my iPhone is through a cassette-auxiliary device. somehow, for reasons i have yet to uncover, my cassette player stopped working 2 years ago. i can no longer play music on my long drives unless i play the radio (and listening to over an hour of whiny taylor swift and repetitive EDM music makes me feel like my soul is being sucked out.). 

in spite of my current predicament, i thought i'd share some of my favorite driving music. keep in mind that i'm a film music nerd and i hate today's popular music, so these selections may not be in everyone's taste. 


zoosters breakout- hans zimmer- madagascar. say what you want about zimmer, this track is super exciting.

maestro- hans zimmer- the holiday. this one reminds me of joe. also, i adore this movie.

discombobulate- hans zimmer- sherlock holmes. cliché? sorry.

thunderbirds are go!- hans zimmer- thunderbirds. remember that movie with baby vanessa hudgens? it had great music!

the egg travels- james newton howard- dinosaur. for when you're driving down the twisty turns on laurel canyon.

sanctuary- james newton howard- snow white & the huntsman. for when you're feeling emotional. this movie sucked. JNH, however, knew what he was doing.

coming back around- john powell- how to train your dragon. power song?

george valentin- ludovic bource- the artist. when you need some classic whimsy.

a bug's life suite- randy newman- a bug's life. this a severely underrated score. one of randy's finest.

drive away (end title)- thomas newman- a series of unfortunate events. a hidden gem!

the call- regina spektor- the chronicles of narnia: prince caspian. this one makes me involuntarily cry each time i listen to it? i don't understand my feelings for it, and apparently neither does my body.

fun, fun, fun- pharell- despicable me. my dad's jam! pharell killed it with this whole movie.

i nee you- M83- divergent. short and sweet. hippie-hip-hipster music.

robots overture- john powell- robots. i could talk for days about how amazing this score is and what a shame it was that this movie didn't do better.

welcome chris- andrea guerra- the pursuit of happiness. need another tear-jerker? 

driving with the top down- ramin djawadi- iron man. this one is best with the volume turned up high

inflection points- thomas newman- the adjustment bureau. good thinking music. sometimes you need that. i need it every morning lately.

end credits- trevor rabin- national treasure. even though there is a gross amount of synthesized instruments used in this one, it's great writing.



i hope this brings some driving pleasure to some of you. happy weekend!