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thisviolinlife is two! 


we're a toddler! this little blog is teething, walking, and has the chubbiest cheeks.

i have to tell you guys, i have been so proud of this little corner of the internet. i love writing for my own enjoyment, to keep my memories written down, and to share my experiences with people. it brings me a great deal of joy when i hear from readers, online or in person. to know that someone got something out of what i made is such a happy thing. (perhaps it's the entertainer in me.)

so please, if you like anything you read, comment at the end of a post. or click the heart. it just tells me that a post was well received. (it doesn't link to FB or anything. i hate that crap.) you can also follow along with me on insta and twitter for updates. (@jordanmartone) 

this year, i started a vlog extension of my blog, which has been the most wonderful addition to my weekly routine and general happiness. i have loved expanding my interests to youtube and video. i appreciate everyone who has supported the new sibling in this online family. 

thank you for the love, people. i think it's terribly appropriate that this blog's birthday is during the season of thanks, because i always get mushy about this baby. 

happy thanksgiving and happy two!