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weekly thanks // 001

Added on by Jordan Martone.

you know that "30 days of thanks" thing that everyone starts and miserably fails at during the month of november? well, i've come up with a genius way of making it easier. (ok, it's not that genius. just roll with it.) i'm going to do a weekly thankful round up each week this month. yay for planning ahead!

during this week, i've written down one thing each day that i'm thankful for. here we are:

nov 1st: i'm thankful that i have the flexibility to create my own schedule and give myself days off to recoup and reload.

nov 2nd: i'm thankful for date days with my husband and getting caught in a fierce downpour together while we're out shopping. *heart eyes*

nov 3rd: i'm thankful for the little student at my elementary school that told me she has been practicing all weekend, and who earned 2 ribbons in class today. a little silver lining to a long work day.

nov 4th: i'm thankful for free tickets to watch my husband play a musical. and that he's as tough a critic as i am.

nov 5th: i'm thankful for sweet online sales at j.crew and that joe lets me put tons of butter and salt on our movie theater popcorn.

nov 6th: i'm thankful for naps, man! and for having a great job, even if it starts at 7:50am.

nov 7th: i'm thankful for great girlfriends that i can spill my heart out to. also the blacklist. that show is so good.


i love taking a step back and counting my blessings. it makes me realize how small i am and how good i have it.