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weekly thanks // 004

Added on by Jordan Martone.

it's the last weekly thanks post!  

23rd: i'm thankful for shopping days with joe, the best mall partner ever. i'm also thankful for the beautifully decorated trees in tiffany's that i get to oogle while we get our rings cleaned.  

24th: i'm thankful for homemade chili and for crockpots, because those things make life so darn easy.  

25th: i'm thankful for my husband who doesn't mind when i sleep for our entire road trip, leaving him to battle the good 'ol 5 freeway on his own. sorry, love.  

26th: i'm thankful for supportive and loving family members. and for my cousin who showed up to thanksgiving with a freshly cut mohawk that shocked everyone. you go, evan.  

27th: i'm thankful for sitting on my butt on black friday and shopping online deals. no people, no hassle, boom christmas.  

28th: i'm thankful for our little home that is the perfect size for us and continues to prove to me that it's all we need.  

29th: i'm thankful for good friends who invite you over for christmas baking, wine, and girl talk.

30th: the last day of november! i'm thankful for amazing reception of today's vlog monday, friends who watch harry potter with me, and a husband that allows me to decorate for christmas until my heart's content. 


and now! christmas!!!!!!