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packing for paris

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in case you haven't heard, i'm going to paris! i will be traveling there with joe for new year's.

this is the trip of my life, people. paris has been on the top of my bucket list for as long as i can remember. joe and i actually changed our honeymoon plans around this trip.

oh, my audrey heart is fluttering...

i have never been to europe, and especially not in the dead of winter. so i thought i'd share what i'm packing in case anyone finds this helpful now or in the future. who knows.


on the plane:

idk about you, but i have to be completely comfortable in every way in order to fall asleep on a plane. and with the 12+ hr flight we're going to be taking, i'll need to be as comf as possible. 

1. warm joggers: these were actually a christmas gift from my husband. they're from victoria's secret.

2. travel pillow: this one actually transforms from a rectangle into a neck-shape. magic!

3. sleep mask: i've honestly never tried these on planes before, but i'm caving.

4. entertainment: i always like to load up my iPad with movies and music to listen to on long flights. and headphones are a must. also, i got an adult coloring book in my stocking for christmas this year, so you best believe i'm bringing that along.


for the hotel:

1. warm pajamas: long sleeved cotton pajamas. warm, cozy, fashionable. these were also from victoria's secret.

2. fluffy slippers: for walking across those cold, dirty hotel floors. 


for day:

1. sweaters: self explanatory.

2. jeans: also pretty common sense.

3. heattech: this stuff is fantastic. i'm layering it under everything i wear in order to stay perfect toasty on our long, cold days. found it at uniqlo.


for warmth

1. winter coat: mine is a lined trench with a hood from uniqlo.

2. rainproof boots: i know, the french wear stiletto boots in the winter, but i'm not one for heels and the french don't trek across the whole country in a day doing tourist stuff like we're going to. i asked for these puppies for christmas (thank you, family!) they're timberland 6' weatherproof leather boots.

3. scarf: i've paired it down to only one. proud moment!

4. hat: this beanie with a pompom on it has made my christmas.

6. cape: because in the few moments joe and i get to be fashionable and not all bundled up, a cape is basically a socially acceptable blanket. also, i love them. 


joe and i will be gone all of next week, so the blog will fall silent for a short bit, but never fear! glorious photos, words, and videos are coming shortly and i cannot wait to share our trip with you!

also, i'm not sure if you noticed, but joe bought me a beautiful new canon camera for christmas. not only is it a perfect camera for vlogging, it takes beautiful photos. this post was the first one to be photographed with it. i'm so in love!