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thanksgiving 2015

Added on by Jordan Martone.

this year's thanksgiving was one for the record books.

i love how our thanksgivings over the years have changed with the seasons of our lives. on my mom's side of the family, there are 8 cousins. 3 of the 8 cousins are now married (2 of us in just the past year!) and who knows when we're going to start having our own families, but these yearly get-togethers change so rapidly.


traditional thanksgiving pose. (last year's can be found here, and the year before, here.)


this year's cheese plate from the gods (AKA auntie b) :

gorgonzola with organic whole wheat fig bar

aged gouda with sweet chile mango

vanilla bean & mint mascarpone with chocolate shard

white cheddar with tart apple chip

parmigiano reggiano with gingered pear

...and a partridge in a pear tree...


we tried to re-create this old picture i found of the OG thanksgiving four. (we've been celebrating this holiday together since we were babies.) personally, i think i nailed it. *insert hair-flipping girl emoji* chubby cheeks since day one!

i'm thankful for this season of life. it's such a wonderful place to be and i feel like i'm at my happiest since before college. (school. oy.) i was sitting in my living room last night, on the couch with my husband, watching the holiday with twinkle lights on our christmas tree and i thought to myself, "if i died right now, i'd die happy." a bit morbid, but there ya go.

p.s. happy december! the cashier at trader joes thought i was nuts for buying my christmas wreaths on december 2nd, but i say YOLO.