the stories of a los angeles violinist

happiness is...

Added on by Jordan Martone.

... when you make a delicious smoothie

... when it's 87° in LA in february

... when your students actually practice  

... when people call you a ballerina-violinist

... when you find a great new documentary to watch

... when you find out new things you can do on violin because of your long fingers

... when you still get emails from "shakespeare in the park" in NYC

... when there's a new episode of a shonda rhimes show on hulu  

... when your violin professor is proud of you

... when you're graduating college in 3 months

... when you get really into painting signs for your wedding  

... watching hundreds of wedding videos from couples all around the world

... when your sweet fiancé takes care of you when you're sick

... when you get to marry that sweet fiancé in only 5 short months

... when you're almost a martone