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this is the story of how we saw the tonight show with jimmy fallon... in LA! 


it's no secret that joe and i are big fans of the tonight show. it's the reason we have cable tv... we have entertained ideas of taking trips to new york to see the show many-a-time. so when jimmy announced that he was bringing the show to LA for one week only, joe hopped on it. the whole ticketing thing was very confusing and almost secretive. joe just happened to get on the website 20 mins before the unnanounced tickets were to go on sale. and after a stroke of luck, he found the golden ticket. (not really, but, really.) 


they're kind of golden, i suppose.

we were also able to bring our good friend ryan along with our 3rd ticket, which just added to the fun. (what's funny is that ryan works on the voice which films on the universal lot, so he was pretty familiar with it all.)

the show was amazing. the set was stunning and it didn't make you miss the NY set one bit. i stood inches from questlove and the roots as they played their opening warmup for the audience. joe shook jimmy's hand. michael keaton guest starred. there was a new brian williams rap. gwen stefani performed. it was such a rad experience. 


the story of the pillows goes like this: the 3 of us had prime seats. i'm talking first row, right in front of the band. we were sittin' pretty. then an usher told me and joe that we had to give up our assigned seats to an old lady who couldn't walk up the stairs to her assigned seat. our new seats ended up being in the very back row. to say i was pissed was putting it lightly. joe and i were separated from ryan and had to give up our prime seating because the tonight show didn't have any handicapped seating. let me repeat: the tonight show had zero plan for handicapped seating. it took them until 30 seconds before the show started to figure out a solution. that solution? force the young couple with the best seats in the house to sit in the most unwanted ones... but in exchange for our compliance, we got these pillows, which are $50 worth of tonight show merch.

.... okay, we actually had an amazing time regardless of our odd predicament. we were able to see the show from a great vantage point and there were no cameras in our way. we were even on the band side so joe was able to have a great view of the roots. 


i was peeing myself at this point in the show. (i stole this photo from the internet.) 

thank you, jimmy fallon, for this memorable experience. you made joe's life and you made one very happy lady. the pillows are amazingly soft, btw. and you don't know it yet, but you and joe were destined to be best friends. it's only a matter of time... 

another experienced has been crossed off our bucket list and another LA day is down in the books. thank you, thank you, thank you.