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what do i know about fashion? // 004

Added on by Jordan Martone.

her name is kate.


i've always adored kate spade. the products, not the price tags. the simplicity of the design has always struck me. kate spade is very distinct, which is one of the many reasons it catches my eye. but, being a college student and an almost newlywed, money is not in abundance. however, i'd been saving up for a kate of my own for quite some time when then the store had a massive online sale last week that i just couldn't pass up. i got this little beauty, the cove street provence handbag, for 75% off. 

i know! 

it's the perfect size for my wallet, glasses, ipad, pens and pencils, and various lipsticks or balms. i've been using a cheap $20 forever 21 bag for the past few years that did the trick but did not have enough space for me. i've never had an expensive designer bag in my life. i feel like a grown up, people! 

i am eager to try her out this weekend at my various gigs and recording sessions. have a fabulously stylish weekend from foggy LA to wherever you are!