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so, i'm getting married.


and i've been indulging myself with wedding planning lately. now that we're about 6 months away from the wedding, stuff is starting to kick up a notch. i already have my dress, bridesmaid's dresses, the date, venue, photographer, caterer, music, etc. now i'm setting up cake tastings, looking up light rentals, finalizing tiny details, and trying to get organized. i love being organized and so does my wedding planner. no wonder we're friends!

here are some wedding inspiration photos that i've been using as a guide for my own wedding:

hanging lights.jpg
bridesmaid bouquets.jpg

planning a wedding, preparing a senior recital, and graduating all at the same time is proving to be a crazy decision. but even though it has its stressful moments, i'm enjoying this journey with all of my friends, family, and my fiancĂ©. the reality that we're getting married is sinking in deeper every day and i continue to grow more and more excited the closer 7-11 gets. (yes, we're getting married on seven-eleven. we're considering getting slurpees. it's also my great-grandmother's birthday. our something borrowed?) 

also, we're honeymooning in punta cana.

*fist bump*