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stitchfix // 001

Added on by Jordan Martone.

lately, joe has helped realize something about myself: i love fashion. 

i am highly interested in looking good and feeling good and finding new pieces of clothing that inspire me.  

joe recently signed up for the bespoke post box and the GQ box. while he was getting all into this sign-up-for-a-box-of-surprises concept, he shared his excitement with me and sent me a link to stitchfix. i'd heard of stitchfix before, from various bloggers that i follow, but never really felt like it would work for me. a couple years later, good ole' fix and i crossed paths again and i decided to give it a whirl.  

i made an account and filled out a style profile: sizes, styles, colors, needs and wants, etc. then i paid $20 and they hooked me up with a personal stylist who sent me a box of 5 items to shop from. i was able to try each item on and think on it all for 3 days before i needed to ship them back (for free). 


even though these jeans were much too big on me, i really enjoyed trying them on and getting a little style inspiration. these black jeans were leather coated and would've made a seriously perfect addition to my "gig" wardrobe. the green sweater was my most favorite item in the box, as it was both cozy and flattering. a win-win! 

i'm so excited about this style adventure that i will be blogging about each fix i receive. i'm eager to try new things and open my eyes to new possibilities.