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stitchfix // 002

Added on by Jordan Martone.

for this fix, i asked for more springtime options. it's already in the 90's at times here in LA and the cold-weather gear i received in my last fix was just not going to be practical. and i did this dumb thing last fall where i realized that all of my spring/summer clothing were old and worn-out stuff from high school, like ripped up theatre show shirts and faded shorts, so in an attempt to "lend myself some seriousness" and "adopt a new look", i got rid of all my warm-weather clothes, as if to say, "now i have to go shopping for new clothes."

silly jordan... now you have no clothes...

so, i really enjoyed this fix! however, my pictures were not coming out very clearly, so some of the items didn't make it to the blog this time.


i ended up making my first stitch fix purchase! this gray tee may not look like much but it has rocked my world. the material is incredibly soft and comfortable and has a great shape. i paired it with cropped leggings here but i also paired it with skinny jeans in my latest poppies post.


one fun thing about stitch fix i failed to mention in the last post is that along with each fix comes styling cards and a note from the stylist. i love these little nuggets of inspiration, as i often having a hard time visualizing outfit possibilities. i had the same stylist again, which i loved because i like the idea of building up trust with one stylist who gets to know me really well vs. having a newby each time. 

so far i love stitch fix. if they wanted to sponsor me, i'd do it in a heartbeat. (just putting it out there, *ahem*) and i'm really enjoying this blog series. i can hardly even find time to get to the grocery store, let alone shop for new (and much needed) clothes, so this is a huge help.

so, for now, happy hump day, ya leprechauns.